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aqua protect

AQUA PROTECT® pellets are the first 2 in 1 pellets for water softeners!


• AQUA PROTECT® is suitable for all brands of water softeners and contains a high purity salt compliant with EN 973 - Quality A as well as EN 14805 - Type 1. Aqua Protect has an exclusive active agent called s-Protect®. With each regeneration, the high purity salt regenerates and s-Protect® rids the resins of metal deposits to guarantee efficiency. For this reason, the resins last longer.

• The cylindrical shape of the pellets gives them optimal dissolution capacity.

• AQUA PROTECT® is also: - 20 % more effective on scale* - 3 times more effective against lead - Twice as effective against iron* - Twice as effective against aluminium*

• For greater convenience, Aqua Protect is packed in 18 kg bags with a handle.

*compared to a conventional salt pellet. Laboratory test.