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Resin regeneration

Resins are the heart of the water softener. They allow the water to rid itself of scale and stop it from doing damage to piping in the house or to industrial and community facilities.

Description of the principle of softener resin regeneration, once the resins are saturated with scale

• Once hard water has gone through the softener, the resins become saturated with calcium and magnesium ions. For the resins to continue to soften the water, they must be regenerated". Regeneration involves "washing" the resins with brine. The large quantities of sodium ions in the brine gradually replace the calcium and magnesium ions.

• The resin is therefore once again saturated with sodium ions and becomes effective for softening water.

• The purity of the salt used for regeneration is of great importance. This is because it is the quality of the salt that determines the life time of the resins and the quality of the softened water.

• European standard EN 973 - Quality A guarantees a quality salt for this application.

regénération de l'eau