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The standards for water softener salt and Salins quality

The Salins Group is one of Europe's leading salt producers and the only one dedicated solely to the production and marketing of salt. Since the 1970s, the Salins Group has been producing salt pellets for water softeners. Our pellets meet with the requirements of existing standards and the expectations of consumers.
The quality of Salins salt pellets meets with current standards for water softener salts

• The quality of the salt used meets with the STAN 150-1985 standard of the Codex Alimentarius. This standard guarantees that the salt is food grade.

• The salt used complies with standard EN 973 Quality A: this European standard applies to sodium chloride, used in the treatment of water intended for human consumption, especially for the regeneration of ion exchange resins. It describes the minimum qualities that this sodium chloride must meet with for use in water softeners (origin, chemical purity, heavy metal content).

• The salt also corresponds to EN 14805 (dry salt type 1): it is sodium chloride for the electrochemical generation of chlorine using non-membrane technology - Chemicals used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption.

The NF mark, from a voluntary approach by the Salins Group, provides indisputable evidence that our products meet market needs and comply with safety characteristics, suitability for use and quality defined in the certification standard.

• Our range of salt pellets AQUA and RESIMAX for water softeners is NF certified (NF 406) for water treatment devices (regeneration salts). This ensures that salt pellets in the AQUA and RESIMAX range manufactured on pellet production sites undergo strict quality control in our laboratories, meeting the requirements of the NF mark repository for water treatment equipment and are regularly monitored by an independent statutory body, the Scientific and technical centre for the building industry (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment - C.S.T.B.). The certified characteristics of regeneration salts bearing the NF mark are those of standard NF EN 973 and those of the Technical Document No. 2 of the NF mark repository "Water treatment devices" (Documents available on the AFNOR Certification Internet site and on the CSTB website).

See the AFNOR / CSTB website